About Us

The organization was founded in 2001 as a public initiative by a group of journalists who have teamed up in order to protect the rights of vulnerable children and families.

In 2005, “Magnolia” was registered as a Ukrainian national nongovernmental organization.

In 2015,  NGO "Magnolia" became a co-founder of The Ukrainian Child Rights Network. In 2017,  NGO "Magnolia" became a co-founder of the coalition "Against tortures". In November 2017, we joined in the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children 'Missing Children Europe'. In 2018, NGO "Magnolia" joined Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum as a member.

NGO "Magnolia" is legally registered in Ukraine as subject of informational activities.

Our mission is:

to give voice to discriminated and vulnerable groups in Ukraine.

Our vision

Discriminated and vulnerable groups are heard and moved to resilience in Ukraine.

Our principles

  • Impartiality
  • Freedom of activity
  • Openness, publicity
  • Confidentiality
  • "Do not harm!"
  • Mercy is more important than justice
  • Effectiveness
  • Aspiring to self-perfection and high professionalism
  • Tolerance
  • Account of interests of all parties of conflict (including governmental authorities)
  • Political independence
  • Independence from public opinion
  • Independence from the State
  • Honesty, objectivity and authenticity of information
  • To support the State with the protection citizens rights

Strategic objectives:

Objective 1. To influence on descisions of the central and local bodies of authority in order to protect rights of discriminated and vulnerable groups of people.

Objective 2. To increase public awareness about importance of family environment for the child, development of services on support of families with children, prevention of institutionalization of children, deprived of parental care.

Objective 3. Strengthening the status of human rights defenders in Ukraine trough raising awareness about their work and role in the promotion of democracy and protection of human rights.

Objective 4. To increase public awareness about human rights and how to protect those rights with special attention to women's and children's rights



Our team:

Євгенія Ткаченко


Yevheniia Tkachenko



Оксана Гальченко


Oksana Galchenko



Марина Липовецька

Head of projects

Maryna Lypovetska


Олексій Сидоренко

Head of the department for combating violence against children

Oleksii Sydorenko


Дмитро Пашков

Communication manager

Dmytro Pashkov


Олександр Васильєв

Specialist in the field of search for missing children using OSINT technologies

Oleksandr Vasyliev


Наталя Галецька

Specialist on search for missing children

Natalia Haletska


Катерина Ярош

Specialist on combating violence against children on the Internet

Kateryna Yarosh


Катерина Пилипів

Specialist on combating violence against children

Kateryna Pylypiv





Supervisory Board

Chairman - Yevhen Zakharov

Chairman - Yevhen Zakharov

Director of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group/KHPG

From 1991 Yevhen Zakharov director of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group which has one of the most powerful human rights organizations in Ukraine. In 2012 he was elected chairman of the board of the Helsinki Human Rights Union. In 2014, Yevhen Zakharov became the head of the expert council for the formation of police at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Laureate of numerous awards. He published more than150 publications devoted to human rights in Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Denmark.
Yevhen Zakharov is an authoritative human rights activist in Ukraine and abroad.
Last President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called him the moral benchmark and conscience of the nation.

Tetiana Lebedieva

Tetiana Lebedieva

Chairman of the Supervisory Board in National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine

Tetiana Lebedieva - the popular a well-known media specialist.
2003-2010 Tetiana Lebedieva - member of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting.
Honorary Chairman of the NGO "Independent Association of Broadcasters".

Zinaida Kyianytsia

Zinaida Kyianytsia

Deputy director in Partnership for Every Child

Zinaida Kiyanitsa has many years of experience in the field of child protection.
She was worked in the public sector and in the public administration.
Deputy Minister of Family, Youth and Sports of Ukraine (2003 - 2005).
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Master of Public Administration.
Co-author of many scientific and methodological manuals on the social work.






  • Golden diploma and Grand prix of the contest "The Golden George";
  • Laureate Diploma of the national program «Person of the Year»;
  • Grand prix of the National Festival of Social Advertising;
  • Diploma for first place in “Online media” Ukrainian Journalist Contest, focused on institutional child care

Annual reports 


Annual report 2023